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What is Pilates?

What is Pilates BarreOne

Joseph Pilates (the founder of Pilates) taught 6 guiding principles of Pilates. They provide a balanced framework from which to practice and attain greater levels of health and fitness.

  1. Control is the premise that if we are aware of our body, we allow movement to be mindful and therefore effective & complete.
  2. Breath is at the foundation of every exercise; things begin and end with the breath. With full, deep breaths we get so much more out of our abdominals, our session and our body.
  3. Concentration is more important now than ever before. With the rise of multitasking, technology tends to pull us out of the moment and into a stream of distraction. The practice of focussing completely on the movement, in every exercise is like a form of moving meditation. More strength & resilience physically and mentally are the fruits of the practice of concentration.
  4. Flow is the practice of seamlessly linking one breath to the next, and one movement to the next. As an analogy for life, when things are flow, we achieve so much more with less effort than ‘swimming against the current’.
  5. Centring is core work. Everything in Pilates starts at the centre, and radiates from there. So even when doing legwork or arms, there is an element of focus on the centre.
  6. Precision is aligning the body to ensure best form and balance is attained in every movement. Precise movement is safe and ensures you are working the exact muscles that you are meant to be.

We strive to bring them into every class, and thereby into your life too. Pilates principles can become the guiding influence of your session and your day to follow.

One Hour of Pilates Burns Calories All Day Long

Resistance training, the essence of Pilates, is scientifically proven to create lean muscle and rev up your metabolism to burn calories all day long. Cardio is great; but the second you hop off the bike or the treadmill, you slow the rate of burning calories. With Pilates, the second you’re done, you start burning calories.

Every Pilates Move Works the Entire Body

During class you will notice that we often ask you to take a body scan. When you do a bridge, we may ask: are your glutEs switched on?  Are your deep abs pulled in? Are your hamstrings engaged? Every part of your body is recruited into every single exercise. Seems as though Joe Pilates was the original multi-tasker. In this way you can feel the full-body benefits in every exercise.