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What’s all the fuss about glutes?

what is pilates pose on floor mat

Well before the Kardashians & Beyonce celebrated ‘butts’ your Pilates teacher was calling out to activate your glutes.

There is widespread evidence that our glute muscles are crucial to good posture and physical health. The gluteus maximus is the strongest and largest muscle in the body, and deserves a lot of love and attention.

  1. Core strength
    Long gone is the belief that all you need is strong ‘abs’ to give you a strong core. Our abdominals, glutes and lats (latissimus dorsi) all work together to give us true core strength and support our spine & pelvis in functional movement patterns.
  2. Lower back pain – contraction of our gluteus maximus is fundamental to the stabilisation of our spine and lower back. People with lower back pain often have weak and de-conditioned glutes.
  3. Pelvic stability – the 3 gluteal muscles; maximus, medius & minimus (no I am not making these names up!) work together to stabilise the pelvis and maintain proper leg alignment. When there is weakness or dysfunction, that instability can affect the hips, knees & ankles

Mobilise, activate & strengthen

All of our gluteal work in classes use some or all of these approaches to get more function and form in your gluteal muscles.

Talk to us during class about how this relates to your Pilates program, and let us know if you fancy some ‘butt’ homework.